Bishop of Dili, Alberto Carlos da Silva along with state leaders, the US Ambassador to Timor-Leste Judith Fergin, and some presidential candidates began a 111 day journey for peace and prayed for peaceful elections.


The Bishop asked Christians to contribute to security and peace in the country. "All Timorese live as one family from Tutuala to Oe-Cusse, and from the North to the South sea.

We must be together to make the elections successful, with peace, calm, unity to grow in prosperity, and make Timor-Leste richer," said the Bishop.

The Dioceses of Dili launched "111 Days of Reflection and Prayer for a Peaceful and Democratic Election in Timor-Leste" on February 21, joined by thousands of youth and other supporters.

The program included the release of doves for peace and a colorful balloon launch of banners to spread the slogan, "Change Your Heart, Change the World."

Deputy Prime Minister, José Luis Guterres said that Timorese people should not be panic if any rumours occurs.

Guterres said that the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) will ensure security in the general elections; therefore people should not be afraid and should not flee from their homes.

Francisco da Costa Guterres, Secretary of State for Security called on all Timorese people not to be afraid to go to the polling centres to vote.

"Timor-Leste should not be afraid to come to the polling centres as PNTL will provide tight security," said Guterres.

Guterres said the PNTL command will deploy 1,900 officers to secure the presidential elections.

Fretilin MP Francisco Branco called on the police and defence force to be professional in carrying out their tasks during the electoral process.  (CJITL)