Early this week, A Molotov cocktail has threw  into the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration – STAE Compound following the announcement of the 13 candidates by the president of supreme court, Claudio Ximenes.

Tomas Cabral, Director for the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration, has called government to pay serious attention after an unknown people threw a Molotov cocktail into the grounds of his office at 2:00 AM, this Monday.

He said that it is important to deploy security officials to their office in order to avoid causing undesirable incidents at their office, because a staff member was killed by unknown people in 2007 before the election.

Acting Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres has condemned the attitudes.

“Whoever wants to create a problem, they will get nothing from it” he said.

A member of the Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL) UIR unit, which provides security at STAE, said the two unidentified people drove up to the new office and threw the bomb about 2am.

The Molotov cocktail did not explode or ignite the building and no casualties in the incident, the PNTL member, who did not want his name published, said.

PNTL members and civil security guards tried but failed to apprehend the offenders, who escaped via motorbike, he said.

CNE Commissioner Martinho Gusmão said it was important for PNTL and civil security member to be alert and ready to control people who had bad intentions.

PNTL Operations Commander, Superintendent Armando da Costa PNTL members were deployed yesterday to STAE and CNE offices to provide security following attacks by unknown individuals intending to cause an explosion in STAE’s office.

Timorese National Police (PNTL) General Commander Longuinhos Monteiro, instructed PNTL members to shoot criminals on the spot if they intend to destabilize the security situation during the general elections process.

“Starting from now on, if there is an attempt from unknown individuals then the police are authorized to use their guns to respond to any kind of situation - this is the decision released by the General Commander,” said Monteiro.

According to Monteiro, PNTL has also provided high personal security to all 13 presidential candidates.

Timor Leste will face it is third presidential election on March 17. (CJITL)