A disappointed Angela Freitas told journalist that she is extremely worried that there will be serious outbreaks of violence across East Timor, following her unsuccessful bid to qualify as a candidate in Presidential elections next month.

Here is the latest statement that walled at Trabalhista's official Facebook since last Saturday (18/2).

“I fear that many of my supporters will take things into their own hands to protest my deliberate removal from the list of candidates and I have no way to stop them. “She said.

• History has shown it takes only a small spark to ignite a bushfire in East Timor.

“For the past two days I have been getting so many phone calls from angry people from all over the country, extremely upset about the decision by the President of the High Tribunal Recurso, Dr. Claudio Ximenes, to reject my application to become a candidate, based on nothing but a pack of lies.

“And I don’t really blame them for being upset. I was deliberately singled out by Ximenes through a concerted conspiracy to silence me.

“The Government of today and that of the past, know that if I did become President I would have no hesitation in exposing the corruption that has spread throughout the Administration and spilled over into the everyday lives of the Timorese people from the first day of our Independence nearly ten years ago.” M. Freitas said.

“As President I would have the ears of the World listening to what I said. They desperately do not want that and have proven it by the discriminatory actions carried out by Ximenes and the Director General of STAE, Tomas Gabral. Puppets of a petrified Government.

For many years now I have never been frightened to talk to anyone about the level of corruption and nepotism that has flourished, resulting in the real development of East Timor being strangled.” she added“.

We have not progressed over the part years, in fact, the quality of life for the average Timorese has drastically diminished. Children still die of malnutrition; they go to bed hungry and their parents stress over whether they can find enough food to feed their families.”

• Ironically many poor Timorese quietly admitted to me during my two week visit that they realise now they were healthier and had a better quality of life under the Indonesians.

“Millions of dollars is being spent at the moment by the Gusmao government to build huge, impressive office complexes for several Ministries, while at the same time our basic infrastructure continues to crumble away to dust” Ms. Freitas claimed.

“This is not the East Timor that is being portrayed to the World. Our so-called ‘leaders’ paint a picture of a young nation slowly growing out of the ashes of the Indonesian occupation, readying itself for a giant leap into the 21st Century.” she said.

“Sadly one of the main victims of this smokescreen is the head of the United Nations Integrated Mission to East Timor, Ameerah Haq, who regularly sends self- important reports to New York on the progress being made by the UN in the country from the luxury of her comfortable environment, while at the same time the majority of our population live a day to day existence.” Ms. Freitas said.

• President Ramos Horta said last year that East Timor would become the next Bali.

Ms. Freitas reacted, “What a joke. I am too embarrassed to invite tourists to come here. Our country is known as the “Negara Sampah” – the rubbish country.

The Capital City, the District centres and the entire populated countryside is nothing but a public rubbish dump. The most obvious eyesore are the hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles which are consumed every day and just tossed away when empty.”

• Raw sewage pours into the sea off Dili 24 hours a day – 365 days of the year.

“We have critical environmental problems; that have already been addressed by a large number of the world’s countries; but here the Government has done absolutely nothing to fix them, let alone even talk about them.

“I do not read about these disastrous problems in the International Media.” Ms Freitas said.

“Travel writers from Australia, in particular, come here on a regular basis, all expenses paid by local foreign owned companies. They are taken to popular hotels and playgrounds favoured by the Expat community and return home to write glowing reports about how East Timor is ready for a Tourism boom. How ignorant are these “journalists” from Australia.

“The real story about East Timor today obviously is not as “sexy” as writing about beautiful beaches, fantastic diving and a great steak, just like home, being available at a beachside four star hotel.

“Go into the sub districts of Dili and see how people line up for hours to get their water from a pipe in a filthy canal next to the road; see how the average person lives and tries to survive in poverty, totally ignored by the Government.” she challenged.

“The truth about East Timor needs to be told and my intentions of telling the truth have been known for many years. Now they think they have silenced me but they are wrong. I will not give up the fight for the rights my people deserve.

“The fragile peace and stability in East Timor is under threat at the moment .

If violence breaks out, and I expect it to , responsibility rest squarely on the shoulders of the Puppet President of the High Court Recurso, Dr. Claudio Ximenes, who has probably made the worst decision in his life.” she concluded. (*)