Timor-Leste as a member of the Non-Aligned Movement will participate in a Ministerial Meeting on the Development of Women to be held in the city of Doha, Qatar to take place from 12 to 14 February 2012.

A media release cited that Timor-Leste's delegation led by the Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality, Idelta Maria Rodrigues. There are 120 NAM members that will participate in this Ministerial meeting.

This is the first time that Timor-Leste participates in the Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting on the Development of Women, says Idelta Maria Rodrigues.

This meeting brings opportunity for our newly independent country, Timor-Leste, to learn from other NAM members from around the world, and also the meeting serves as an opportunity for Timor-Leste to contribute its experience in order to find genuine solutions to advance women's progress as well as to achieve the objective of empowering women and gender equality, underscores the Secretary of State.

During this Third Ministerial Meeting, Timor-Leste will deliver its official statements on efforts it has undertaken in the Development of Women thus far, specifically in the domain of Gender Responsive Budgeting, implementation of the law on Domestic Violence, and the progress achieved in employment, legislation, health and politics.

It is the efforts of the NAM through this Third Ministerial Meeting on the Development of Women to improve the condition of women in each member state. It started with the Doha Declaration on Family ratified by the NAM members in 2004.

This declaration defined the fundamental principal on the interests and rights of a family followed by the First NAM Ministerial Meeting on the Development of Women held in the city of Putrajaya, Malaysia in 2005.

The meeting highlighted women's protection against wars and illnesses, women's political rights and their economy, access to education and employment, strengthen laws to protect women against domestic violence, women's capacity development and gender equality, elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, adopt measures to empower women's role in political life, decision-making and in the area of information technology.

The Second Ministerial Meeting was held in Guatemala in 2009, whereby the resolution on the Development of Women was approved.

The meeting provided the opportunity for member states to share on their achievements in the promotion of women's rights, which was further strengthened through the conference of First Ladies of the NAM held in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) in July 2009.

The conference reaffirmed the important role of women in facing challenges, putting a stop to violence against women, and the necessity to increase women's involvement in public decision-making and improving access to education.??The Non-Aligned Movement is composed of 120 nations worldwide that commit to peace and security in the world.

NAM was established to protect national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and the security of the NAM member states in their fight against imperialism, colonialism, racism, and all forms of aggression, occupation, domination, and intervention. (*)