Timor Leste's government through it is Ministry of Defense and Security handed over 35 vehicles to the PNTL district and sub-district commanders to support the upcoming general campaigns and elections.


The Minister of Social Solidarity, Maria Domingas Alves, on behalf of the Prime Minister, said that the cars, radio communications equipment and other devices to be offered to the PNTL were to be used as a means to maintain the country’s sovereignty.

The Secretary of State for Security Francisco Guterres appreciates the support of the Ministry of Defense and Security by giving the vehicles to the PNTL.

“We expect you to use these cars responsibly. Do not  just break it after three days. The district commanders should control them.” said Guterres.

The deputy PNTL General Commander Afonso de Jesus reminded the police to take care of these new cars. (CJITL)