Angela Maria Pires, disappointed and failed candidate for the presidential race stated today in her new media release that even the appeal has been rejected, yet the war still far from over.

Angela was not qualified for the race following the announcement by the president of the supreme court last week after failed to full fill the criteria for the candidacy.

Today, she release  a press statement saying that several important documents and a large amount of money was stolen in her office.

“Important documents and a large amount of cash was stolen overnight from the office of Angela Freitas - who is appealing against a decision to prevent her from becoming a candidate in the East Timorese Presidential election” the release cited.

She said the thieves forced off a heavy metal security screen at the rear of her office in Dili and entered through a window.

"They appeared to have know what they were looking for", Freitas said.

"All the drawers of my desk were systematically gone through and confidential documents and physical evidence of crimes committed in the past by several high profile people are missing".

Ms Freitas zaid her master-plan for the future of East Timor, that took five years to draft, was also stolen.??"A large amount of campaign money that waz hidden and locked away is also gone.

"This was not just a random break in", she said, "this robbery was politically motivated and the finger must be pointed at those who are desperate to stop me."

"However, they are misguided. I will never give up my fight to get the people of East Timor what they are rightly entitled to and have been denied since Independence, ten years ago." she said (*/CJITL)