Pass the Kleenex, One Tree Hill fans. Tonight's episode was a doozy.

We can't say much more about "Danny Boy" without completing spoiling what happened, so why don't we just tell you that we have an exclusive Q&A with the star of tonight's episode?

Those who have yet to watch One Tree Hill, do not continue reading! We repeat, huge spoilers ahead! The rest of you, let's get real...

Tonight, we said goodbye to Dan Scott, one of the most iconic characters of One Tree Hill.

He did die a hero, but did he get the redemption and forgiveness he craved? Paul Johansson gives an in-depth and emotional interview about playing one of the craziest, most-hated characters in OTH history.

Did you know Dan's fate when you signed on for season nine?
Paul Johansson I did.

Mark [Schwahn] sat me down and said, 'This is your storyline.' And I'm like, 'Oh my God, really?

I have to do this.' And he goes, 'I knew you would.' And he's the greatest.

Mark's understanding of the characters on this show is so interesting. Every time you think you know what the season's going to be about, he is so good at making you start going down the long road until you go, 'Oh, that's what's going to happen!'

And that's what makes the show stay on the air, Mark's ability to keep the show fresh in his writing. And Dan Scott's ending is the perfect ending for an actor: redemption and love and crossing the line.

You want Dan to succeed; you want him to get the love. I think it's beautiful.(CJITL Via eonline)